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Let’s Write Better Taglines!

Almost two years ago, quite by accident, I happened to stumble into a tagline writing free-for-all on Copyblogger. ¬†(As you might know, I hang out there a lot. Especially if you’re a fan of my Copywriting Maven¬†Landing Page Makeover Series — and I hope you are.)

It was a lot of fun and the creativity was fast-flowing not only from me, but from everyone who joined in.

That one serendipitous “How to Create A Rock-Solid Tagline That Truly Works” post still gets a lot of traffic two years later. So it got me wondering …

Why not create a simple little blog where online marketers, solopreneurs and small business owners could submit their rough taglines and ask the “wisdom of the crowd” to help them sharpen the language and fine-tune the message.

Why not indeed?

So here’s how it will work, at least for now. (I may tweak this a bit more later. Maybe a weekly or even daily tagline review.) :

  • Submit your tagline by adding a comment below.
  • Invite your friends, fans and relatives to offer their suggestions as a comment on the comment.
  • Sit back and watch the fun.

I’ll add my own nickel’s worth from time to time — perhaps other blog “A-listers”, too — but I really want this to be a crowdsourced effort.

There’s no cost to submit or comment. No $$$ to be made. Your only requirement is to be helpful, respectful and have fun. Your only reward is a warm feeling knowing you’ve helped out a fellow (or sister) netizen.

So who’d like to go first?